Christmas Shoot December 2014

Happy Winners of Hams and Turkeys.
Happy Winners of Hams and Turkeys.

Hams and Turkeys at Wangaratta

A warm and fine day prevailed at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club Xmas shoot on Saturday 20 December.  A nice crowd of 46 shooters came along to our popular club to enjoy a relaxed day of novelty events in a festive atmosphere. 

 The club opened all three layouts for shooters to try out and some good scores were achieved by some in a different discipline than they would normally participate in.  As usual, the hams and turkeys proved very popular again as trophies.  A relaxed BBQ was held at the end of the day giving all present a chance to have a chin wag and wish each other the best for the festive season.  Thanks to Gordon Twamley for providing two sides of lamb for the raffle.

The 25 T D/B results were:  AA, Rod. Wilson 25/25,  Jason Wilson 25/25.  A,  Stephen Murphy 25/25,  Christian McGauran 32/33.  B,  Ern Wemyss 25/25,  Neville Bussell 24/25.  C,  Brad Carey 22/25,  Rhys McGauran 26/30.

The 26 T 5 Stand event (1 – 3 places) was shot concurrently with the D/B and resulted in  AA,  Brett Jory 25/26,  Mark Reynolds 31/36,  Mick Ward 29/36.  A,  Alan Perryman 24/26,  Christian McGauran 23/26,  Bryan Anderson  21/26.  B,  Daryl Hunt 25/26,  Brad Carey 23/26,  Rod Green 21/26.  C,  Dean Bennett 24/26,  Ron Cugley 30/36,  Al. Kidd 27/36.

The third and last event was 12 pair of Skeet doubles ( 1 – 3 places ) which rounded off the days activities nicely.  AA,  Al. Kidd 18/24.  A,  Dennis Savage 20/24,  Shaun McGauran 15/24,  Alan Perryman 14/24.  B,  Daryl Hunt 21/24,  Brad Carey 20/24,  Darren Saunders 36/44.  C,  Mark Reynolds 28/34,  Mick Ward 28/34,  Rod Wilson 27/34.

The club looks forward to another action packed program in 2015 and would like to wish all members, visitors and their families a very happy Xmas and safe New Year.

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