CANCELLATION - DTL Saturday 15 December due to flooding


Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the DTL competition programmed for Saturday the 15th of December. At the moment (Friday 14th) our grounds are under water and the traps are submerged. We apologise for the late notice, but we can't help nature. Let's keep in mind that there are members of our communities who will be suffering much more from the flooding than us.


We will be working flat out to get the equipment up and running as soon as the weather allows. Keep an eye on this website and our Facebook page for updates.


Sporting Clays Australia Affiliation  -  01 December 2018

The Wangaratta Clay Target Club has recently become affiliated with Sporting Clays Australia (SCA), a national not-for-profit organisation focused on promoting the sport to all levels of recreational shooters. This means that any licensed shooter can now use the Wangaratta Clay Target Club’s facilities for Five Stand Sporting Clays practice sessions. The new affiliation also means that the club’s monthly Five Stand Sporting Clay competitions are now open to members of the ACTA, SCA, SSAA & Field & Game Aust. For more information, please visit the Wangaratta Clay Target Club online at  &, contact us at, or call club president Anton Motha on 0417278422.


EFTPOS Now Available for Nomination Fees - 10 November 2018

Welcome to the 21st Century. We now have EFTPOS facilities available for the payment of nomination fees at competition days. Practice days will remain as cash only, as will the canteen. Thanks to Anita & Linda for the work that went into getting this hi-tec equipment up and running. These young people and their gadgets, hey? 

Tammy Atkins Visited our Club to Show Support - 07 November 2018

Thanks, Tammy, for your visit to the Club on Wednesday the 7th of November. We really appreciate your support.
Head over to Tammy’s Facebook page and see what Tammy has to say about The Ovens Valley in the upcoming Victorian election.
Tammy Atkins For Ovens Valley.

Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser - 13 October 2018

The club conducted a sausage sizzle outside Aussie Disposals on Saturday the 13th of October. The event was organised by committee member Joelle. She, Anita and Debra worked hard throughout the day to keep the team of volunteer cooks in line. The crew sold over 130 sausages as well as some drinks. Our club did quite well out of the event, earning a couple of hundred dollars that will be put to good use for the benefit of our members.  

Col & Matthew did a great job on the barby.                   Anton seems stunned to see Brian in charge of the BBQ.

Col is a renowned connoisseur of bangers!                    "Geez, we're gonna need more than 2 bangers, mate."



Around the Traps 

        Bi-monthly Newsletter of the Wangaratta Clay Target Club

October ~ November 2018


Our First Edition

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter. The committee thought this would be a good way to keep members and visitors up to date with what’s going on at our club. We hope you enjoy the newsletter and find it informative.


Practice Numbers

Wednesday the 12th of September was a cracker, with 23 shooters here using the Five Stand and DTL facilities. Ernie reckoned it was the biggest Wednesday turnout that he can remember. Wednesday the 10th of October was another good day, with 16 shooters, including seven new faces who intend joining the club.

Nomination Fees for Competitions

A motion was carried at the last committee meeting to adjust the costs of completion nominations. For all future events, nomination fees for females will be lowered to match those of veterans and the nomination fees for juniors will be lowered to $20. Our nomination fees are based on a figure of $0.60 per target. This figure compares favourably with other clubs in our region. Our nomination fees allow the club to cover the costs of running the events and to make a modest profit to reinvest in our facilities.


Two committee members recently carried out some analysis of the targets used at the club. Independent of each other, they took samples of three types of targets (Eurotarget, Nasta & Vivaz) and weighed random batches to check for variation. The results showed that Nasta and Eurotargets varied from lightest to heaviest by around 4 grams, while the Vivaz varied by as much as 8 grams. Unbroken targets were also recovered from the paddock and inspected for pellet damage. The number of targets recovered varied, due to the fact that certain brands have been used much more extensively over the past couple of months; however, the raw results were still interesting. The percentage of Eurotarget clays recovered that were still whole, but showed obvious signs of pellet hits was 15%, while the percentage of Vivaz clays recovered that were still whole, but showed obvious signs of pellet hits was 25% .


Trap House Specifications

Work is underway to ensure that all of our traps and trap houses comply with the ACTA regulations. At the moment, it appears that our traps are too high and this results in clays being thrown at incorrect angles. The trap houses themselves are also too high. The work to correct these anomalies will be done as soon as money and time allow. The goal is to have our club fully operational within the requirements of the sport’s governing bodies.

EFT at Competitions

Anita & Linda are working hard to arrange for EFT facilities to be available at future competitions. Please note that Wednesday and Saturday practice days will still be cash only.

Referee & Scorer Stands

Steve Tamme has been hard at work fabricating referee and scorer stands. We already have one of his very flash units in use and the other is not far off. The stands allow much improved comfort and visibility for those officiating at competitions.

Environmental Clean-up Progress

The club recently received an auditor’s review and verification of the Clean Up Plan (CUP) as prepared by Golder Environmental Consultants in September 2018. The report is in response to a Clean Up Notice issued by the EPA on 29 June 2018.  At this stage, further investigations are required at the club before a further auditor reviewed CUP and new Environmental Management Plan are produced. The Auditor has requested further information prior to  signing off on a suitable CUP. The club will continue to work closely with EPA and the Rural City of Wangaratta on any remedial actions that may be required at the club premises. A copy of both the Auditor review and Golder's CUP are on hand at the club rooms for interested members to read upon request.

Mower & Catcher

The new mower from Wangaratta Saw & Lawnmower Service is getting plenty of use. The mower can also tow a catcher that picks up spent wads. Bob Pigram is the official pilot of the new machinery and he has the place looking very nice.

New Members

It’s great to see so many new faces around the club, including a few females. There’s also been a good mix of age groups, with even some young blokes bringing Mum out for a shot.

Grant Applications for Kitchen & Toilets

We have two grant applications in the works at the moment. The result of our kitchen grant will be announced in October & the toilet grant in November. Keep your fingers crossed, everybody.

Compak Sporting Clays

The committee is investigating the possibility of affiliating our club with Sporting Clays Australia, the group responsible for the Compak style of clay target shooting. Compak is described as "A condensed version of Sporting Clays…”  Affiliation with Sporting Clays Australia will allow shooters from other organisations to take part in our five Stand competitions, greatly increasing the potential numbers at such events. Further information can be found at:


Canteen Requests

Anita and her hard working team are doing a great job in the canteen. There’s always a good variety of fresh food at competition days. Anita is keen for your (preferably positive) feedback, so take the time to let her know what you reckon next time you’re at the club.


 Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed our first newsletter. We look forward to keeping you up to date with the latest developments at our club.


 Anton Motha

President, on behalf of the Committee

Wangaratta Clay Target Club


Hawthorn Scouts Try Clay Target Shooting - 08 September 2018

A group of scouts from Hawthorn East visited the club on Saturday the 8th of September for their first experience at clay target shooting. The scouts were accompanied by three adult leaders and the whole troupe camped overnight at the Wangaratta scout hall in Park Lane.

Under the watchful eyes of some of our club members, the scouts and their leaders all had a go at Down the Line and Five Stand. Most of the kids managed to break a target or two and their enthusiastic feedback indicates that they’d like to have another go at it soon. 

The happy campers being supervised by Peggy the pooch.


Raffle Drawn at Vine Hotel - 15 Aug 2018


Wangaratta Clay Target Club members and families gathered at the Vine Hotel for the draw of the club’s major fund raising raffle. The prize of a Wangaratta-built Lloyd’s trailer loaded with firewood went to local real estate man, Paul Reid. On receiving his prize a few days later, Paul said that the trailer will certainly be useful, but he has no fire at home, so the wood will be passed on to a good home.


Winners are grinners.  Paul Reid with his trailer and wood.

COME AND TRY DAY - 20 May 2018

The National Come and Try May Day held at the club on Sun. 20 May 2018 was a huge success.  The event attracted 32 participants and everyone enjoyed the relaxed, friendly atmosphere our club is famous for.  Expert tuition in marksmanship skills and safety tuition were paramount on the day, thanks to the attendance of James Willett and other dedicated club members in attendance.  A free BBQ was on offer which proved very popular, thanks to Bruce Henshall for his cooking skills.  Thanks also to the Motha family who put a lot of effort into organising the event and their assistance in running the program during the day.  The club is very hopeful of attracting several new members,  it was great to see whole family groups turn up at the grounds to try out the sport of clay target shooting.

L - R:  Colin Crittenden,  Marg. Pullen & Mike Glenister.
L - R: Colin Crittenden, Marg. Pullen & Mike Glenister.


The Wangaratta Clay Target Club made a generous donation on Tuesday 29th November to Mr Mike Glenister,  President of the Committee of Management of the North Wangaratta Sports Recreation Reserve Group, from the proceeds of the clubs September Down The Line competition.

On behalf of the Committee of Management,  Mike expressed his thanks and appreciation for the donation from the Clay Target Club.  Colin Crittenden from the Clay Target Club and Reserve Committee member presented the cheque accompanied by Marg. Pullen, who represents the North Wangaratta community on this committee.  Mr Nate Bartlett, President North Wangaratta Football Netball Club was unavailable for the presentation due to other commitments.

Mike explained the committee of managements intention could potentially be to use these funds for improvement of the existing playground area, possibly including purchase of fencing or contribute towards the cost of an effective shade cloth area.  He emphasised that the final decision will be made at a future meeting of the full committee.

L - R:  Jack Sandral, Tom Bilney (member Gosgrove G.C.), & Jacob Motha.
L - R: Jack Sandral, Tom Bilney (member Gosgrove G.C.), & Jacob Motha.
State Camps. - 12 Nov 2018

Wangaratta Clay Target Club junior members Jack Sandral and Jacob Motha, with Tom Bilney (Cosgrove Gun Club) represented North East Vic. at the State Championships held at Echuca Clay Target Club on Sunday 12th November.  The trio took out First place in the Juniors section by achieving the top score of 73/75 points.  

Both Jack and Jacob are regular shooters here at Wangaratta, along with their fathers Peter Sandral and Anton Motha.  Great to see the next generation coming along so well in this exciting and skilful sporting activity.

All intersted persons, including juniors (over 12 years) are encouraged to contact club vice president Brian Reid, ph 57217799 on how to get involved in clay target shooting at Wangaratta.

Galen College Students on Target - 06 September 2018

A very enthusiastic group of students from Galen College, Wangaratta all put their hands up to participate in a sports day of clay target shooting at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club.

The club was pleased to be asked to conduct and supervise the session on Wednesday 6th September.  

The students had a tremendous afternoon of  learning the skills involved in trap shooting, under the supervision of club members.  Firearms safety was paramount on the day as well as technique with using a shot gun effectively.

Thanks to Colin Crittenden, Brian Reid, Rob Glossop and Anton Motha from the club for supervising the students on the day.

The club encourages all schools to engage their students with the sport of clay target shooting, in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

For more information about the clubs program in this area, contact Brian Reid ph 57217799.

L - R:  Ebony O'Donohue, Lucy White, Will Nolan, Amanda White, Brady Micheli, Rob Glossop, James McIntyre, Tom Davey, Alex Van Gastelen. Kneeling - Peter O'Donohue, Riley Sandra, Ryan Cole.
L - R: Ebony O'Donohue, Lucy White, Will Nolan, Amanda White, Brady Micheli, Rob Glossop, James McIntyre, Tom Davey, Alex Van Gastelen. Kneeling - Peter O'Donohue, Riley Sandra, Ryan Cole.

Celebratory Re Opening Day Huge Success - 20 May 2018


The club held its official re opening day on Saturday 20 May 2017 in conjunction with the May DTL shoot.

Almost 50 shooters were in attendance to help join in the celebrations and make this very special day in the clubs history a most memorable occasion.

The club stopped the competition after the first event for about half an hour to allow the visiting dignitaries to speak and congratulate the club on our return to activities.  Many comments were made that reinforced the way the committee handled the sometimes difficult, time consuming and expensive down time period since closure in May 2016. 

 All members can be assured that their committee has attempted and succeeded in ‘ticking all the boxes’ in our dealings with all the various authorities over the last 12 months.  The best interest of the club and its ongoing viability has always been of the highest priority in all decisions made in this regard.

At present, the club has received interim approval to resume both DTL (grounds 2 & 3) & 5 stand sporting clays from the EPA.  The club will be issued with an Environmental Management and Clean Up Plans due at the end of August this year. The club remains optimistic that the plans will recognize the unique requirements and nature of gun clubs activities both here in Wangaratta and across the state.

Special thanks must go to the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party for their ongoing and tremendous assistance, support and advice in so many ways.  Chief adviser Mr Norman Dunn, has been invaluable in this regard, working closely with Daniel Young MLC. In addition, the club has received valued support from the Rural City of Wangaratta, several Vic. State Government Ministers, their departments and staff.  

The ACTA have also provided  support to the club, recognizing the environmental situation here and the potential cost saving benefits to other ACTA clubs, as a result from the extensive scientific research being conducted here at the Wangaratta range. Thanks also to Mal Dyson and Judith Kent from the VCTA for their ongoing interest, communication and positive advice at all times. The club appreciated the attendance of Federal Senator Jane Hume MP to fire the official reopening shot at this significant occasion.


Apologies: Cr David Fuller Rural City of Wangaratta,  Ian Porter Chief of Staff for The Hon. Lily D'Ambrosio MP Minister for Energy, Environment, Climate Change & Suburban Development,  Mike & Dianne Glenister,  John King,  Cheryl Batagol Chairman EPA Vic.,  Ken Clarke Mayor of Wangaratta,  Shane Bruce Project Coordinator Sport and Recreation Vic.,  Brendan McGrath CEO Rural City of Wangaratta,  Tim McCurdy MP,  Tony Turner National Exec. Officer ACTA,  Judith Kent State Secretary VCTA,  Emily Garnett  adviser to The Hon. Lily D'Ambrosio MP Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change & Suburban Development,  The Hon. John Eren MP Minister for Tourism, Sport & Veterans,  Nate Bartlett Press. North Wangaratta Football Club,  Jaime Carroll Rural City of Wangaratta.

New Team at the Helm in the Club Kitchen  -  19 April 2017

The club would like to introduce and welcome Anita Klima and her daughters Joelle & Debra Everingham, who will running the club kitchen. The trio are working behind the scenes, preparing food to ensure members are well fed while at the club rooms. Anita said she first became involved at the gun club through a link with Wangaratta Girl Guides. She has been heavily involved with Wangaratta Girl Guides over the past six years as a leader, district manager and volunteer and it was through Guides that the opportunity to cater at the gun club arose.

Anita takes pride in being able to prepare simple, traditional canteen style-meals. The committee and members would like to welcome both Anita, Joelle & Debra to the club and we look forward to a long and successful partnership with the new team.


Five Stand to Resume  -  April 2017


The club is very pleased to announce that the 5 Stand Sporting Clay competition will be held on Sunday 07 May at 11am and the Down The Line competition will also be held on Saturday 20th May at 11am.  Other than skeet, the program for 2017 can be accessed on this website.  Skeet will remain closed until further notice.


Practice sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays to recommence immediately.


It is possible that future interruptions to our activities may occur, depending on the result of the Clean Up Plan currently being prepared by CDM Smith Consulting.



All shoot programs are subject to change at the committees discretion.

2018 World DTL Championships

Two Wangaratta Gun Club members made the 2017 Mackintosh Team to compete in the 2018 World DTL Championships , see full list below, including Daryl Hunt B Team Vets and Allan Cooper B Team Super Vets.

Also Anton Motha took out the grade C overall Champion ,not bad from a

Wangaratta member who has only been shooting a year, well done Anton.

An additional factor to take into account is that these members home ground has been closed since May 2016, due to an EPA investigation into lead contamination issues. Not a bad effort, considering they have not had access to regular, local practice sessions !



Junior - Thomas Armstrong Nathan Burt Mitch Iles

Ladies -Jessica Harris Laura Woolley Tracey Barton

Veterans - Allan Pollock Tony Ryder Arty Del Ben

Super Veterans - Gary Hayden Max Medhurst Fred Heinz

Open - James Willett Steve Atkins Alex Dallas Steve Trembath Socrates Pilipasidis

B & C Juniors

Jackson Marriott Harry Mintram William Freni -Lizzi

Billy Baynes James Hayden Ben Tredea

B & C Ladies

Penny Smith Nanette McCallum Helen Overton

Amanda Holt Kelly Coogan Lil Brandt

B & C Vets

Frazer Roberts Glen Castellaro Greg Cassegian

Darry Hunt Charlie Sherry Kim Nealon

B & C Super Vets

Keith Calder Allan Cooper Keith Simpson

Mal Stephens Rob Andrews Andrew Atalios

B & C Teams

Tommy Turner Andrew Smith Clive Foster Matt Patmore Craig Bentley

Jason Oliveri Cameron Brown Byron Hewitt Richard Morrison Roger Duthie

Glenn Cup

James Willett Steve Atkins Alex Dallas Steve Trembath Socrates Pilipasidi

Lou Carrington enjoying some skeet practice at Wangaratta
Lou Carrington enjoying some skeet practice at Wangaratta

Welcome Lou

Lou is a very keen triathlete that thrives on a challenge and competes in many gruelling events across the country.

A member of our club, she has recently taken on the shooting sports as an additional ‘less physical’ activity that she really enjoys. Being super fit, with a positive outlook and quick reflexes, she is guaranteed of achieving her shooting goals in no time at all. Welcome aboard Lou !


In memory of Alf ‘Pikey’ Foster,  Bill Attwood from Melbourne, provides a high gun sash each October in memory of his friend Alf, to the winner of the October Down The Line shoot at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club.

In the past, members of the Showmens Guild visited the club for some trapshooting whilst they were in the area.

The Wangaratta Show is held in October each year where  the sash is presented at this shoot, held on the third Saturday of the month.

The championship events this year totaled 150 targets, plus a 10 target eye opener.  Melbourne AA grade trap shooter Roger Esplin, shot brilliantly throughout, winning this years high gun award.

Congratulations to Roger Esplin and thank you to Bill Attwood for providing the sash on an annual basis.

CMPA Corporate Day - September 2015


The Wangaratta Clay Target Club conducted a corporate day for members of the Construction Material Processors Association Vic (CMPA) in September 2015. Club members Phillip Smith and Allan Cooper assist Jacinta Gall from CMPA shooting skeet from on station one

Access for All Abilities -  07 May 2015


On Thursday May 7, The Centre Active Recreation Network (CARN) Access for All Abilities program supported a shooting day hosted by the Wangaratta Clay Target Club, providing an opportunity for people from a Neuro Support Group in the North East a chance to test their skills at clay target shooting. 

There were 15 participants in the group, with some who had never used a shotgun before, but before long participants from all ages, backgrounds and abilities were up and ready to have a shot. 

Access for All Abilities program coordinator, Kathy Patton said “The Wangaratta Clay Target Club is just fantastic, they support each group we bring to the club giving guidance, safety and instruction, and really encourage our participants in a supportive, safe environment. It’s great to see people who have never done clay target shooting before, build the confidence to get up, have a go, and hit a clay- it’s very rewarding for the individual and the group”.

A lunch was thoroughly enjoyed by members of the group after a morning of shooting, and both the Wangaratta Clay Target Club and The Centre’s CARN were proud to be part of this day which offered accessibility to such a great sport for all to enjoy.

The Access All Abilities program through The Centre CARN provides exciting opportunities for people with a disability to participate in sport and recreation activities within their community, just like this one. 

If you have a disability and would like to find out more about the Access All Abilities program through The Centre, contact Kathy Patton on 03 5721 0251 or email: .  You can also contact the Clay Target Shooting Club by calling Brian Reid on 03 5721 7799.


January 2015

Wangaratta clay target club member and enthusiastic skeet shooter, Alison Harwood,  put in a top performance at the recent two day VCTA State Skeet Carnival held in Melbourne in late January this year.  Competition was at a high standard as around 100 keen skeet shooters were all trying their best on both days.

Alison is a very regular competitor here at our local club over many years and travels to most of the major skeet events in the area.  She has an immense amount of experience in both the technique of the sport and also a full understanding of the rules that apply to skeet shooting.

On Friday 31st January, Alison competed in the 20 gauge State Title and won gold in the ladies section and silver placing herself 2nd in B grade for the entire event.  In addition she won gold again in the ladies for the 50 tgt. Handicap event and placed 6th overall.  Another gold medal came her way with a terrific performance in the State Shoulder to Shoulder Team with a tally of 138/150.  

Over the Friday and Saturday Alison qualified 3rd for the VCTA State Team, to cap off two days of consistent shooting at a very high standard.

Clay Target Shooting a Hit!

May 7th, 2014


On Wednesday the 7th May, the Wangaratta Clay Target Club along with The Centre’s CARN (Centre Active Recreation Network) provided a fun filled day for a local rehabilitation group, with participants travelling from as far as Myrtleford, Yarrawonga and Wodonga.

The majority of participants in the group had never been Clay Target Shooting before, let alone used a shot gun. Many from the group had limited use of their arms and legs, but were more than willing to shoot from their wheelchair with the support of members from the clay target club, and what an awesome effort it was by all participants. Some from the group were keen to have a second go and in many cases, hit the clay targets within a couple of shots.

Rob Newman from The Centre’s CARN said “This was one of the biggest groups we have had at Clay Target Shooting, with 18 participants. Each and every person that attended got up and had a go, which is just fantastic, and I’m sure a few from the group would love to come back for another go”

A beautiful lunch prepared by members of the group was enjoyed by all after a morning of shooting and both the Wangaratta Clay Target Club and The Centre’s CARN were proud to be part of this day which offered accessibility to such a great sport for all to enjoy.

The Access All Abilities program through The Centre’s CARN provides exciting opportunities for people with a disability to participate in sport and recreation activities within their community, just like this one.

If you have a disability and would like to find out more about the Access All Abilities program through The Centre, contact Rob Newman on 5721 0250 or 0427 212 638.


MP visits club

March 2014


Pictured are Kaye Darveniza MP (Labor Party) and club representative Brian Reid.


Kaye visited the club in March 2014 as a follow up visit to check on the outcome and success of the 5 Stand Sporting Clays layout that the Labor government in conjunction with the Rural City of Wangaratta made significant funding available to the club for the establishment of this first rate facility.


Kaye is an enthusiastic supporter of the shooting sports and the club appreciated her recent interest by revisiting our grounds.

APPRECIATED: Brian Reid (left) and Kudri Demaj (right) from the Wangaratta Clay Target Club present a cheque for $500 to Kylie Benton to help her family deal with costs associated with her brother in law Paul Mathes’ medical conditions.
APPRECIATED: Brian Reid (left) and Kudri Demaj (right) from the Wangaratta Clay Target Club present a cheque for $500 to Kylie Benton to help her family deal with costs associated with her brother in law Paul Mathes’ medical conditions.

Club donates $500 to family


Story from Wangaratta Chronicle, Wednesday, February 12, 2014.


Wangaratta Clay Target Club is the latest community group to help out the Mathes family.

Father of three Paul Mathes is in the Thomas Hogan Rehabilitation Centre after suffering a debilitating stroke, thought to have occurred as a result of the chemotherapy he has been receiving for bowel cancer.

The clay target club donated $500 after reading about Mr Mathes’ situation in the Chronicle.

“Even though he is not a member of the gun club we wanted to help out,” club secretary Kudri Demaj said.

“We don’t make a lot of money here at the club but this is a worthwhile cause.

“Hopefully a few other clubs can help out.”

Anyone wanting to make a donation can email

Disabled shooting

December 18, 2013


The Wangaratta Clay Target Club once again provided it's grounds, equipment and volunteer helpers to supervise a visit from a group of disabled persons on Wednesday 18 December 2013.


The group was organised by Rob Newman from The Centre, Wangaratta - Access for All Abilities Program. The club has hosted several visits over the last few years for similar groups interested in having a go at clay target shooting.


People with acquired brain injury, paraplegic and quadriplegic groups and vision impaired persons have been able to try out the sport with many from each group putting in splendid performances in smashing clays.


Clay target shooting is a sport that can be enjoyed by most people and the club welcomes their return at any time.


Thanks to Rob Steel, Brad Sparling, Bruce Henshall and Rob Newman for their expertise and encouragement whilst supervising the enthusiastic group on the day.


Wangaratta Clay Target Club inc.

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Upcoming Events

December 2018


Sunday 9th @ 10:30 am


Sporting Clays 

100 Tgt 5-Stand C/ship,

AA,A,B,C 1&2

ACTA, SSAA, SCA + Field & Game can enter this event. 

Christmas Shoot  Free Lunch 



Saturday 15th @ 11:00 am


Down the Line CANCELLED

The grounds are flooded and our equipment is under water.

Christmas Shoot  Cancelled, but Santa is still on schedule for the 25th.


Click on Calendar of Events tab above for more upcoming shoots. 


EFTPOS is now available for the payment of nomination fees at competitions. Practice days & the canteen will remain cash only.