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The date of submission to the EPA of an Auditor verified Clean Up Plan for the WCTC Premises has been extended to 08 June 2018.  The club looks forward to receipt of the Plan, as this will detail all requirements regarding the extent of remediation works on the clubs areas.

Recently, the club was inspected by officers from the EPA to check if the 'immediate requirements' as set out in CDM Smith's Environmental Management Plan (EMP) have been complied with.

With the exception of a couple of points, which have since been rectified, we can report that the club has satisfied the EPA in this regard.  Future inspections will occur to ensure compliance with the EMP and the club is confident that it will be fully compliant with all items as set out in the Plan.  The Club will soon apply for an extension of the due date (30 March 2018) for completion of the Clean Up Plan for the club Premises, due to further requirements being managed by the Rural City of Wangaratta.

Expression of Interest for State Secretary Position
Expression of Interest - State Secretary
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Contamination at the North Wangaratta Recreation Reserve


EPA issued Wangaratta Clay Target Club with two notices in June 2016 that require the extent of lead contamination at the North Wangaratta Recreation Reserve to be understood, and for measures to be put in place to prevent groundwater and land contamination occurring.

The reserve was closed to the community after lead above the health limits for recreational levels was detected in soil samples at the site’s eastern boundary.

For older developments on this issue, see the Contamination from Wangaratta Clay Target Club archive.


January 2018 update


Excavation of contaminated material for the North Wangaratta recreation Reserve

Excavation of lead-contaminated soil at the North Wangaratta football oval has commenced. The soil contamination was from historical shooting activities at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club (WCTC), adjacent to the football oval.

Following excavation of the contaminated material, soil testing will be conducted to confirm that lead contamination has been reduced to a level that poses minimal risk to human health and the environment. The 

oval will then be reconstructed to allow the public access without risk to human health.

The contaminated soil will be temporarily stored on the WCTC premises. This soil will be included in the cleanup plan required for the premises.

The excavation and temporary stockpiling of the contaminated material are being managed  by consultants engaged by the Rural City of Wangaratta, as required by a notice issued by EPA. The notice requires 

that the excavation and stockpiling be carried out as to minimise the risk to human health and the environment.


Groundwater management

Results from groundwater monitoring undertaken in May 2017 at the North Wangaratta Recreation Reserve indicate that:

  • levels of lead in groundwater did not exceed health guidelines for drinking water
  • levels of nickel in groundwater were found to exceed health guidelines for drinking water.

Because groundwater undergoes seasonal and other variations, further monitoring will be required to confirm groundwater quality. Groundwater in the area may be contaminated and shouldn't be used for drinking until

these investigations are complete. For other uses of groundwater, such as irrigation and stock watering, groundwater should be tested regularly to ensure its suitability.

Residents seeking further information about private water supplies, should call the Department of Health and Human Services Water Program on 1300 761 874.


Cleanup plan for Wangaratta Clay Target Club

The cleanup plan for WCTC has been delayed while work has been focused on the North Wangaratta football oval. The cleanup plan must be completed and submitted to EPA by 30 March 2018. 


Further information

Please don't hesitate to contact EPA on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) for more information about environmental or health risks, or the Rural City of Wangaratta for information about the oval reinstatement.


The club wishes to advise of the following increases in shoot nominations and practice rates, effective from 09 February 2018.  This implements the committee decision to increase our charges (see below) as it seeks to stabilise the clubs finances. Please see financial analysis statement,  which details relevant financial facts and figures in operating the club and reinforces the committee's decision to increase our fees at this time.

Practice for shooters 18 years or over,  $8 /25 tgts. incl.  enviro levy.

    "         "    juniors,  $6 / 25 tgts. incl. enviro levy.


5 Stand Sporting Clays.

Open - $0.55 cents per tgt  + $1 enviro levy.  eg. 100 tgts = $56.00 (incl. $1 enviro levy)

Veterans & juniors - $0.45 cents per tgt + $1 enviro levy.  eg. 100 tgts = $46.00 (incl. $1 enviro levy).


Open - $0.60 cents per target + $1 enviro levy.  eg.  30 tgts. =$19.00 (incl. $1 enviro levy)

Veterans & juniors - $0.50 cents per target + $1 enviro levy.  eg.  30 tgts = $16.00 (incl. $1 enviro levy)


In addition, the club has suffered loss of income due to the closure of skeet.  Skeet practice sessions have always been very popular with many shooters, helping to generate an income stream for the club. The extra revenue from skeet would have brought the club nearer to a breakeven situation. It is anticipated that the skeet discipline will eventually be re introduced, subject to further satisfactory discussions with the relevant state government departments.

Financial analysis WCTC Feb 2018.pdf
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There will be no pre-comp DTL practice shooting on Friday 19th January 2018.  This is due to a request from the Environmental Consultants,  they require access to the club paddock on Thurs. 18th and Friday 19th.  Thank you.

January 7th, 2018:

The club has submitted to the EPA a detailed list and photos of all 'immediate' works required under the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) as prepared by environmental consultants CDM Smith.  The club had a period of 60 days to have this work completed which has been complied with.  Subject to any review by the EPA, we are confident that the tasks  completed have been done in a professional and timely way.

A copy of the EMP is available for inspection by members at the club rooms office. Other future requirements as set out in this plan will be completed as they fall due.

The club can proud of the work of the environmental sub committee appointed to instigate these measures.  Many hours of planning, organising materials and labour have gone into this project as required by the consultants and EPA.

It is important that all site users are familiar with and comply with the requirements as set out in the EMP and will receive an induction document in due course.  These documents will be handed out at the club to all site users, contractors / cleaning and maintenance personnel as required.

The club has been issued with a new Environmental Management Plan (EMP), as prepared by CDM Smith.  This plan replaces the original plan as prepared by Ground Corp.  The EPA has allowed the club a period of 60 days from the 17th November 2017 to instigate the immediate requirements as set out in the plan.  As a result, the club has formed a sub committee to comply with this requirement.  Further ongoing requirements as set out in the plan need to be complied with on a timely basis and will be addressed by the sub committee as required. 

A copy of the EMP has been provided to all committee members and 

a copy will be kept at the club rooms for members to inspect.  The current EMP is a 'live document' and may be amended from time to time by the consultants in conjunction with the EPA and the Clay Target Club.

The January 100 tgt. 5 Stand shoot to be held on Sunday 14th at 11am was not included in the advert. for the ACTA magazine by error.  Please note - this event will take place.  Apology for any confusion.     Brian Reid. Publicity Officer.

Please note

The 2017 VCTA Program Booklet lists a 5 Stand Sporting Clays Shoot for December 2017, however this event will not take place.  The Xmas Shoot on 16th December will be the only shoot held at the club for December (other than normal practice days)  and will include a 25 target sporting clays event

PCM Enviro are the clubs appointed contractor for the removal of contaminants at the premises.  PCM Enviro effectively removed more than 50 ton of lead from the club grounds in 2014 and provided a generous sponsorship covering a 5 year period to the club.  PCM Enviro are the Official Preferred Supplier and advisor to the ACTA and VCTA in relation to environmental concerns at shooting ranges Australia wide.

Golder and Assoc. have been appointed by the RCoW to complete the remaining Environmental work at the North Wangaratta Sports Reserve.  Their duties will include further soil tests on the football oval, developing a Clean Up Plan for the  Clay Target Club and reviewing the Environmental Management Plan.

Latest Update from the EPA
8th June 2017
North Wangaratta Recreation Reserve lead
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The club recognizes and appreciates Ground Corp’s environmental advice,  support and assistance since May 2016.

Ground Corp prepared a contamination management plan and conducted an environmental site assessment at the Premises and adjacent oval in 2016.

Ben Lodge from Ground Corp was generous with his advice on many environmental matters, and continues to take an interest in the clubs current situation.

The club appreciates Ben’s attendance at its recent reopening celebratory shoot and for his engagement with shooters and others during the day.

The clubs monthly Five Stand Sporting Clays championship events, commencing in June 2017, will be now be held on the 2nd Sunday of each month.  Start time remains at 11am.
Please refer Calendar of Events for new dates.
Club to re-open

The club is now up and running again, subject to strict compliance with the Contamination Management Plan that has received interim approval from the EPA.

This will mean that DTL on grounds 2 & 3 and 5 stand sporting clays will recommence.  

Practice sessions will now be available commencing Saturday 08 April, after 1pm.

Trap maintenance after the long down time,  will need to be performed before Saturday.  Members need to allow for the fact that both disciplines may not be available this Saturday, subject to getting both disciplines up and running again.

Skeet will remain closed until further notice.

Please make an effort to come out for a shot on Saturday 08 April.  It will be great to hear the sound of gun fire again and the smell of burnt powder!

The website updates concerning the closure of the North Wangaratta Recreation Reserve have now been archived.


Our club would like to introduce and welcome mother and daughter team, Anita & Joelle Everingham, who will run the club kitchen commencing January 2016.  Anita is a very experienced food caterer with lots of ‘yummy’ food ideas for our canteen and Joelle is an apprentice chef.  The committee and members would like to welcome both Anita and Joelle to the club and look forward to a long and successful partnership with them both.

NOTE: All DTL competitions for the months September to April will commence at 12 noon

Commencing September 2015

5 Stand Sporting Clay Shooting

now operating on each Wednesday and Saturday practice sessions, from 1.30pm

Wangaratta Clay Target Club Inc. acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government with assistance under the Shooting Sports Facilities Program

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