2019 Results

Sunday 13 October - Sporting Clays Competition

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Gauran the Master at Sporting Clays


Local shooter Shaun McGauran has a lot of experience in several clay target disciplines and he put that experience to good use at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club’s October the 13th Sporting Clays competition. Shaun was at the grounds early to help Col Crittenden, Phil Smith, Trevor Bussell, Matt Motha and Alistair Sunderland set up the traps. He then went on to dominate the day’s competition.


Shaun took AA Grade and the overall win with 84/100. Field & Game Cranbourne shooter Craig Barnes was 2nd in AA Grade on 69/100.


New South Welshman Max Kavanagh’s 80/100 gave him the A Grade win from the Albury/Wodonga club’s Peter Brown in 2nd with 78/100.


B Grade went to straight-shooting Russell Barnes on 78/100. F&G Benalla’s Trevor Jones was 2nd with 71/100.


In C Grade, the host club’s hard-working Col Crittenden took the win with 70/100. Col is usually too busy running the competitions to shoot, but his last minute decision to enter proved a good one. He borrowed Trevor Bussell’s spare gun and took a very popular victory. Second place went to Petra Deadman on 68/100.


High Gun winners were, Overall, Shaun McGauran 84/100; Veterans, Max Kavanagh 80/100, Ladies, Petra Deadman 68/100 & Juniors, Matt Motha 70/100.


The usual canteen staff were not available for Saturday’s event, so club member and regular volunteer Bruce Henshall stepped in and ran a free BBQ lunch for the competitors. It proved popular and lent a congenial atmosphere to the day. Thanks, Bruce.


Thanks also to Beechworth shooter Barry Ellis who stayed back to help Col, Phil, Trevor and Matt pack up at the end of the day. Barry is not even a member of the Wang club, but is always ready to lend a hand.


Saturday 21 September - Down the Line Competition

Scott Glossop, Keith Willett, Anton Motha, Geoff McClure, Trevor Bussell, Mick Rowan.        John "Irish Jack" McGauran, Graham Coyle

Kneeling: John “Irish Jack” McGauran, Graham Coyle, Peter Sunderland, Angus Beck.                            and Anton Motha.                       

 Graham Coyle Victorious at Dick English Memorial Shoot


Local resident Graham Coyle spent the winter up north, enjoying the Queensland sun, but he revelled in Saturday the 21st of September’s wet and windy conditions to take out the annual Dick English Memorial Handicap at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club. Graham hadn’t touched his guns for over three months, but shot a remarkable 30/30 to take out the event.


The early rain and wind kept entries low, but the Motha family, Linda, Anton & Matthew, were at the club bright and early to set up for the day. The indefatigable Ernie Williams had the score books organised in the office and Anita Klima had plenty of hot food available in the canteen, so  at least no-one could blame hunger for a low score.      


Event one was the 60 Target Medley, consisting of 20 targets each of Single Barrel, Double Barrel and Point Score. The rain made occasional returns through the day and wind gusts swept the grounds, adding to the challenge. B Grader Scott Glossop & AA Grader Keith Willet each dropped only two Single Barrel targets to force a shoot-off for the overall win. Scott prevailed with a very impressive 125/131.


AA Grade went to Keith Willet on 123/131, with the methodical Mick Rowan 2nd on 96/100.


Alexandra Gun Club’s Geoff McClure took A Grade on 96/100 from the host club’s president Anton Motha on 91/100.


As mentioned above, Scott Glossop shot a superb 125/131, giving him the overall and B Grade wins. Trevor Bussell, who normally shoots Sporting Clays and was making a rare appearance at a DTL shoot, was 2nd in B Grade on 79/100.


C Grade saw Angus Beck continue his good form, taking the win with 83/100 from Peter Sunderland on 74/100.


Event two was the Dick English Memorial Handicap, sponsored by the late Dick English’s brother, John “Irish Jack” McGauran, who was on hand to watch the event and present the prize.


Hard working club volunteer and committeeman Graham Coyle made good use of all that vitamin D from the QLD sunshine and shot a possible, 30/30, to take the title for 2019. A shoot-off settled 2nd place in favour of Corowa’s Angus Ferguson with Trevor Bussell in 3rd, 36/38 & 35/38 respectively.


High Gun winners were: Overall, Scott Glossop 126/130 and Veterans, Geoff McClure 123/130.


Thanks to La Bella Rocca for the excellent hampers awarded to the placegetters and to Franks footwear for the donation of the shoe protectors used as prizes.


Sunday 08 September - Sporting Clays Competition

Standing L to R: Russell Barnes, Marty Seymour, Peter Brown, Mitch Parker, Trevor Beach,

Alan Seccull, Brodie Seccull, Hunter Irvine, Ron Miller, Simon Hore..

Seymour Hard to Beat at Sporting Clays


Spring is here, but winter was not going without a fight, sending down an occasional sprinkling of chilly rain on the competitors at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club’s September sporting Clays competition. Entries were down on previous events, due to a couple of other big shoots on the same day, but those who did turn up enjoyed the usual combination of good targets, great food and a friendly atmosphere.  


A couple of the regular setup crew were unable to attend Sunday’s event, so Col Crittenden was very grateful that Trevor Bussell and Phil Smith turned up early to help him lay out the traps and prepare the grounds.


Cobram F&G shooter Marty Seymour took out AA Grade on 92/100, with his clubmate Brodie Seccull 2nd on 88/100.


Alan Seccull made it a hat trick for Cobram F&G by taking the A Grade win on 81/100. Simon Hore was 2nd with 77/100.


B Grade was won by Russell Barnes, busting 76/100 to relegate Peter Brown to 2nd place with 73/100.


The host club had two representatives at the top of the heap in C Grade, with Mitch Parker in 1st place on 65/100 from new member Ron Miller on 52/100.


High Gun winners were, Overall, Marty Seymour 92/100; Veterans, Trevor Beach 83/100 & Juniors, Hunter Irvine 50/100.

Saturday 17 August - Down the Line Competition

Standing L to R: Greg Hann, Angus Ferguson, Bob Glossop, Greg Pinner, Roy Ellis, Ken Birt, Mick Rowan, David Luelf.

Kneeling: Xavier Hann, Matthew Motha, Peter Sunderland.

Rowan back to his winning ways at Down the Line competition


Mick Rowan was in top form at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club’s August 17th Down the Line competition. The New South Welshman missed the Wangaratta club’s June & July shoots, but made up for that on Saturday by taking outright victory in two of the day’s four events and the Overall High Gun award.


Anita and Joelle had the canteen ready with delicious food, Bruce had the clubrooms looking tip top and Bob had worked his magic with grounds. All that and the perfect weather must have helped the scores. There were six possibles, 25/25, shot during the day, two of them by that man Rowan.


Event one was the 10 Target Eye Opener. The host club’s John Wojcik busted 10/10 to share the cash prize with another perfect scorer, Corowa’s Angus Ferguson.


Event two was the 25 Target Single Barrel and AA Grader Mick Rowan took the first of his wins with a perfect 25/25. Second in AA went to Greg Pinner on 24/25.


A Grade went to David Luelf, a regular visitor from Mansfield, on 22/25 from second placed Roy Ellis, the Yarrawonga veteran finishing on 20/25.


Mt Bogong’s Ken Birt took B Grade with an impressive 24/25 from the ever improving Matt Motha on 19/25.


C Grade was won by Peter Sunderland with 17/25, but the big story was the battle for 2nd place. A shoot-off was needed between Greg Hann and his 13 year old son Xavier, both competing in Wang for the first time. Showing no mercy, young Xavier smacked 15/27 to defeat his undoubtedly proud dad.


Event three, the 25 Target Point Score, saw Mick Rowan leading the way again with 74/75. Second place on 94/96 went to Boorowa’s Ross Liersch, after a shoot-off with Angus Ferguson and Gordon Twamley.


A Grade was another win for David Luelf on 68/75, with the host club’s Bob Glossop 2nd on 64/75.


Matt Motha got his revenge in B Grade by scoring 68/75 and relegating Ken Birt to 2nd on 64/75.


Greg Hann was getting the hang of it by now and took C Grade with 68/75 from Peter Sunderland, 2nd on 57/75.


Event four was the 25 Target Double Barrel. Spectacular shooting saw five AA Graders, Angus Ferguson, Angelo Grassi, Mick Rowan, Keith Willett & John Wojcik, score perfect 25/25s. After a titanic shoot-off, Angus Ferguson took the win on 75/75 from Mick Rowan on 74/75.


A Grade went to Roy Ellis on 38/39 over fellow veteran Bob Glossop on 37/39.


In B Grade, the pendulum swung back to Ken Birt, his 25/29 beating Matt Motha’s 24/29.


C Grade went to Peter Sunderland, making good use of his 65 year old Berretta ASEL to score 24/25. Second went to Greg Hann on 19/25.


High Gun winners were: Overall, Mick Rowan 132/135; Veterans, David Luelf 120/135. Xavier Hann took the Aussie Disposals encouragement award.

Sunday 11 August - Sporting Clays Competition

Max Kavanagh, Petra Deadman, Andrew Harrington, Peter Brown, Rhys McGauran ( ! ), Mitch Parker, Angela Kloppenborg, Ron Duncan.

Sitting on Trap: Adam Shale, Matt Motha.

Shale Takes Overall Prize Again in Sporting Clays


The seven squads of shooters at the Wangaratta Clay Target club’s 11th of  August Sporting Clays competition were certainly glad that the weather forecasters got it wrong. The BOM had predicted thunder storms and hail, but the worst that eventuated were some dark clouds and a very brisk wind. By mid-afternoon, the sun was out and the good shooting conditions led to some very impressive scores.     


The Wang club’s Sporting Clays competitions require a total of 12 traps to be positioned, connected to the control systems, calibrated and stocked with clay targets. It’s a lot of work, so it was pleasing to see some new faces turn up early to help. Newly elected committee member Peter Beck and his son Angus pitched in to help Col Crittenden, Anton Motha & Matt Motha. Col and Anton devised a very different and challenging layout that kept the shooters on their toes, but also brought many positive comments.


Adam Shale started the day with a bang in more ways than one. He shot the day’s only possible, 25/25, in his first round and maintained that focus to finish on 94/100, taking out AA Grade and the overall win for the second month in a row. Second went to Rhys McGauran on 102/110 after a father/son shoot-off with his dad, Shaun.


In A Grade, Andrew Harrington also made it two months in a row by taking the win with 85/100 from Geelong SCA shooter Max Kavanagh on 80/100.


Ron Duncan, another Geelong SCA member, smashed 81/100 to give him the B Grade win from ACTA Albury/Wodonga’s Peter Brown, just one target down on 80/100.


There is no gender advantage in clay target shooting and Petra Deadman proved that by taking the C Grade win on 62/100. Petra’s persistence has seen her scores building over recent competitions. Mitch Parker was seen experimenting with his gun’s stock during the day and it seems to have paid off, he took second on 60/100.   


High Gun winners were, Overall, Adam Shale 94/100; Veterans, Ron Duncan 81/100; Ladies, Angela Kloppenborg 70/100; Juniors, Rhys McGauran 93/100; Sub-Juniors, Matt Motha 68/100. 


Saturday 20 July - Down the Line Competition

L to R: Jacob Motha, Angus Ferguson. Ken Birt, Alan Patten, Anton Motha, Bob Foster & Angus Beck.

Ferguson Takes High Gun at Down the Line Shoot


Saturday the 20th of July was like a preview of Spring for the six squads of shooters at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club’s Down the Line competition. The arctic conditions of the previous weekend’s shoot were but a memory and Bob Pigram had the grounds looking tip top. The unseasonal warmth was also a bonus for the Motha family who were up early, as usual, to get the equipment ready.


The club now has two DTL grounds fully operational. The new Laporte Twinlap traps, professionally set up and calibrated by the importer’s official technicians, were throwing targets that brought many positive comments from Saturday’s competitors. Corowa Clay Target Club’s Angus Ferguson tuned in on those targets from the outset and built an impressive set of scores in all events, leaving him on top of the list at the end of the day. 


Event one was the 10 Target Point Score Eye Opener. The host club’s John Wojcik and out of town visitors Alan Patten and Ray Peatling obviously had their eyes wide open, as each of them shot a perfect score of 30/30 to share the prize money.


Event two, the 60 Target Medley was made up of Point Score, Double Barrel and Single Barrel rounds. In AA Grade, Jacob Motha, taking the weekend off from his uni studies, and Angus Ferguson dropped only one target each to force a shoot-off. Angus prevailed to take the win on 107/110 to Jacob’s 106/110. Anton Motha wasn’t going to let his son take all the glory, though, and put in an extra effort to bust 92/100 and take the A Grade win from Mansfield regular David Luelf on 85/100. B Grade was very tight with Ken Birt in 1st place on 90/100, only one target up on Alan Patten, 2nd with 89/100. C Grade saw Angus Beck continuing his impressive development and taking 1st place on 81/100. Kevin Newman took 2nd with 83/110 after a shoot-off with John Pieper.


The final event of the day, the 25 Target Handicap, gave local ace Bob Foster a chance to erase the disappointment of missing the shoot-off at last month’s Centenary Handicap by just one target. This month, Bob found that lost target and took the win on 24/25. Ken Birt was 2nd with 23/25 and Angus Ferguson took 3rd on 22/25.


Ferguson’s consistency was rewarded with the Overall High Gun award. The other High Gun winners were, Veterans, Alan Patten and Juniors, Angus Beck.


Sunday 14 July - Sporting Clays Competition

Standing  L ~ R:: Max Kavanagh, Petra Deadman, Adam Shale, Andrew Harrington, Barry Ellis.

KneelingMatthew MothaDaniel Prunster.

Shale Runs Hot in Cold Conditions


Sunday the 14th of July dawned miserably cold and wet, but that did not deter 34 hardy souls from turning out for the Wangaratta Clay Target Club’s July Sporting Clays competition. Fleeting patches of blue appeared overhead from time to time, but they were soon chased away by the gloomy grey that dominated the sky throughout day. Luckily, Anita and Joelle had their usual assortment of delicious winter warmers available in the kitchen.   


As always, work for this sort of event starts early and the usual crew of club volunteers were up before the rooster. Anton & Matt Motha, Col Crittenden & Brett Jory battled the icy wind and soggy ground to set up interesting and challenging target layouts for the day ahead. Positive feedback during the event and at the presentations afterwards proved that the team’s efforts were successful and well appreciated by the competitors.


Four rounds of 25 targets were shot over two grounds, with each ground having a distinct style of target.


Wodonga F&G’s Adam Shale obviously found the targets to his liking. He took out AA Grade and the overall win with 91/100, shooting the only possible on the day in his third round. Brett Jory was close behind in 2nd place with 89/100.


In A Grade, SSAA Shepparton shooter Andrew Harrington scored 80/100 to take the win from the host club’s Trevor Bussell on 78/100.


The Cohuna club turns out plenty of top shots and Russell Barnes kept up that tradition, taking B Grade for the second month in succession with 79/100. Second place on 63/100 went to that connoisseur of fine old guns, Barry Ellis, who shared the work load between his 1956 Merkel O/U and his 1890 Atkinson side by side.


A shoot-off was required to decide C Grade between Matt Motha and F&G Benalla’s Daniel Prunster. Matt took the win with 65/110 from Daniel on 64/110, proving that not even an early morning start to help set up the grounds could take the edge off the youngest Motha’s aim.


High Gun winners were, Overall, Adam Shale 91/110, Veterans, Max Kavanagh 75/100, Ladies, Petra Deadman 48/100 and Juniors, Rhys McGauran 87/100. 


Saturday 15 June - Centenary Celebrations Shoot

Standing:  Dino Piccoli, Brett Jory, Cameron Ford, Alan Patten, Callum Palmer, John Wojcik, Rocky Furci, Alan Seccull, Bec Leocata, Brodie Seccull & Bob Foster.

Kneeling:  Declan Palmer, Alfonso Toscan, Angus Beck, Mitch Parker & Tom Davey.

Happy Birthday Wang Clay Target Club - 100 Years Old


This summary of Brian Reid's Wang Chronicle article covers just the competition results. For a detailed rundown on the Centenary celebrations, go to the NEWS tab on this website.


The Centenary Shoot was a huge success, with over 80 shooters and lots of spectators, more than we’ve seen in years. The club’s two brand new state of the art Laporte Twinlap traps performed flawlessly throughout the day. 

Event One, the 25 Target Handicap, sponsored by Raytrade, saw Declan Palmer take 1st place with a tally of 29/30,  becoming the proud owner of a brand new Fabarm Elos O/U shotgun, generously provided by Raytrade.  Bob Leita was in 2nd place with 28/30 and 3rd was taken by Carson Weingott on 27/29.


Event Two was the 25 Target Double Barrel Championship, sponsored by Laporte. After a five way shoot-off for overall, AA grade went to John Wojcik with 53/54 from 2nd placed Brodie Seccull on 46/47. The overall win and 1st in A Grade went to Callum Palmer with a clean result of 54/54. Euroa Club competitor Rob Stackhouse took 2nd in A Grade with 24/25. Up and coming top shot Cameron Ford only dropped one target in achieving the B Grade win with 39/40, ahead of Jacqui Wemyss in 2nd on 28/29. Dino Piccoli smashed 26/28 targets, winning him C Grade, with junior sharpshooter Angus Beck taking 2nd on 25/28.


The last event for the day was a 25 Target Sporting Clays Championship, sponsored by Spartan Global. The overall and A Grade win went to Alan Seccull on 23/25. In this most demanding of clay target disciplines, Alan will be very proud of this excellent result. Fading light at the end of the day made shoot-oofs impossible, so, in AA Grade, Brett Jory & Brodie Seccull shared the glory on 20/25. The Overall & A Grade win went to Alan Seccull with 23/25 from Rocky Furci in 2nd on 21/25. It was nice to see Alfonso Toscan winning B grade with a good result of 20/25.  The lack of light meant that 2nd place in B grade was jointly awarded to Angelo Kloppenborg, Rebecca Leocata, Bob Foster, Jock Hemmering and Alan Patten, all five shooters finishing on 18/25. The C grade win went to Angus Beck on 21/25 with 2nd place shared between keen club member and frequent volunteer Tom Davey and Mitch Parker on 18/25.


The high gun winners, sponsored by Wangaratta Kebabs, were: Overall, Alan Seccull; Veterans, Alan Patten; Ladies, Rebecca Leocata and Juniors, Angus Beck.


The President, committee and members wish to thank the sponsors,  Raytrade, Laporte, Spartan Global and Wangaratta Kebabs, for their generosity and support, which contributed to the success of the Wangaratta Clay Target Club’s 100th anniversary event.


Sunday 09 June - Sporting Clays Competition

Standing  L ~ R: Tom Challis, Brodie Seccull, Russ Taylor, Peter Brown, Marion Barnes, Russell Barnes, Clinton Kneebone & Simon Hore.

Kneeling: Matthew Motha, Tanner Irvine & Hunter Irvine.

Seccull Shows the Way in Sporting Clays


Seven squads of shooters fronted up to make the most of the new facilities at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club’s Sunday 09 June Sporting Clays competition. The club’s North Wangaratta grounds have been a hive of activity over the past few weeks, with all kinds of tradies involved in installing an impressive new toilet block, plumbing in the septic system, wiring up power supplies, fitting out the new kitchen, levelling and re-sheeting the carparks and calibrating the target traps.


Sunday’s competition started early for the club volunteers. Graham Coyle is up north chasing the sun, so it was left to Col Crittenden, Anton Motha and Matt Motha to brave the morning chill to get the target layouts up and running.


The 100 target event was comprised of four rounds of 25 targets shot over two grounds. The weather varied from patchy blue skies to heavily overcast to a sudden downpour late in the afternoon, but none of that concerned Cobram F&G member Brodie Seccull. He shot 96/110 to take out AA Grade and, after a shoot-off with Simon Hore, the overall win. Second in AA Grade was Tom Challis on 86/100.


A Grade went to Simon Hore with 92/110. Simon is from Wodonga, but says that he has fond memories of the Wang club, winning a schoolboys shoot here in 1978 and buying his first UO gun from club legend, Ernie Williams. Second in A Grade went to Russ Taylor on 84/100.


B Grade was close, but  one extra target smashed gave Russell Barnes the win over Peter Brown, 80/100 to 79/100.


The C Grade win with 82/100 made the long drive from Moulamein worthwhile for Clinton Kneebone. Matt Motha was second on 77/100. Matt & Clinton both managed rounds of 22/25, impressive shooting for C Graders.


High Gun winners were, Overall, Brodie Seccull 96/110, Ladies, Marion Barnes 48/100 and Juniors, Matthew Motha 77/100. The Wangaratta Aussie Disposals Junior Encouragement Awards went to Tanner and Hunter Irvine.


Saturday 18 May - Down the Line Competition

Standing L to R: Philip Matthews, Gordon Twamley, Peter Brown, Peter Gorrie, Bob Foster, Graham Coyle, Mick Rowan.

Front L to R: Tom Davey, Jacob Motha, Matt Motha.

Gordon Twamley takes out the Bob Barron Memorial Event


It seems only fitting that a member of the host club should take out the annual Bob Barron Memorial Handicap shoot and local ace Gordon Twamley proved just the man for the job. The Handicap, one of three events held at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club on Saturday the 18th of May in perfect conditions, commemorates the late Bob Barron, a past committee member, grounds keeper, tireless volunteer and life member of the club. 


Event one was the 25 Target Double Barrel and Gordon Twamley gave early warning of his intentions for the day. He took AA Grade & Overall with a perfect 30/30 after a shoot off with 2nd placed Jacob Motha, who finished with 29/30.


In A Grade, it was great to see Bob Glossop back in competition at his home club. He fought it out with club president, Anton Motha for the win. A shoot off saw Bob victorious on 26/28 from Anton on 25/28.


B Grade was another tight affair with local Bob Foster prevailing on 22/25 over St James club regular Peter Gorrie with 21/25.


C Grade saw spectacular shooting from two very talented youngsters. Tom Davey shot a perfect 25/25 to win the grade from 13 year old Matthew Motha on an equally impressive 24/25.


Event two was the 25 Target Single Barrel. AA Grade & Overall went to Mathoura’s Mick Rowan on 26/28 after a shoot off with fellow New South Welshman Philip Matthews, who finished on 25/28.


A Grade saw Bob Glossop on the top step again, taking the win with 22/25 from Cosgrove visitor Michael Ilickson on 19/25.


In B Grade, Albury/Wodonga’s Peter Brown hit 21/25, giving him the win from Peter Gorrie in 2nd with 18/25.


C Grade was another chance for Matthew Motha to shine and his 22/25 saw him in 1st place. Second place went to Peter Sunderland on 17/26 after a shoot off with Tom Davey.


Event three was the Bob Barron Memorial Handicap, with the back markers shooting off 25 metres. Gordon Twamley, off 22 metres, was the clear winner on 23/25. A shoot off saw Matthew Motha take 2nd place with 27/29 from Peter Sunderland in 3rd on 26/29.


High Gun winners were, Overall, Gordon Twamley 71/75 and Veterans, Graham Coyle 56/75.


The club recently took delivery of two new Laporte traps, so Anton Motha and Col Crittenden have been flat out preparing for the reconstruction of two of the club’s traphouses in time for June’s Centenary Shoot. It is hoped that Saturday’s event will be the last held using the temporary trap on loan from Bronzewing Australia, the Laporte agents. 


Sunday 12 May - Sporting Clays Competition

Left to Right: Mitch Parker, Rocky Furci, Neil Campbell, Rhys McGauran, Adam Shale, Gary Byron, Angus Beck, Jacob Motha.

McGauran Builds on Recent Sporting Clays Success


Local shooter Rhys McGauran showed his class by taking the overall win at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club’s Sporting Clays competition on Sunday the 12th of May. Rhys’ win came hot on the heels of his excellent performance at the Sporting Clays Australia Championship of Oceania in Brisbane on the 20th of April, where he took 2nd in A Grade and 3rd in Juniors.  


Setting up the grounds for competition is a big job and the Wangaratta Clay Target Club is fortunate to have a hard working core of volunteers prepared to turn up early to get the task done. Graham Coyle, Col Crittenden, Anton Motha & son Jacob spiced things up a bit this time with some challenging but enjoyable new target layouts. The early cold wind and dark foreboding skies cleared and made way for a delightfully sunny autumn day, excellent conditions for clay target shooting.  


In AA Grade, it seemed that youthful reflexes and sharp eyes were the rule of the day. Rhys McGauran took 1st place and the overall win on 95/100, one target up on another very talented young man in Adam Shale, 2nd with 94/100.


A Grade saw SCA Bendigo Veteran Rocky Furci victorious on 84/100 with Benalla F&G’s Neil Campbell 2nd with 80/100.


Gary Byron, a regular visitor from NSW and great supporter of our club, took out B Grade with 82/100 from Corowa shooter David Whyte, 2nd on 78/100.


Angus Beck showed the progress he is making by winning C Grade with 68/100 from the very keen Mitch Parker in 2nd with 66/100.


High Gun winners were, Overall, Rhys McGauran 95/100, Veterans, Rocky Furci 84/100, and Juniors, Jacob Motha 74/100.


There was a bit of a Mothers’ Day theme to the event and that was evident in the lovely pink sashes and the prizes, which consisted of pastries, pies and slices. The tasty treats were a big hit and one wonders how many of them actually made it home after the shoot.


Saturday 20 April - Down the Line Competition

Standing:  Colin Repacholi, Bob Foster, Peter Sunderland, Peter Gorrie, Mick Rowan, Malcolm Carr, Chris Climas, Les Comensoli.

Front:  Kynan Rafferty, Darryn Rafferty, Ozzie the Spaniel, Matt Motha.

Raffertys Rule at Down the Line Competition


The father and son pair of Darryn and Kynan Rafferty made the most of their first trip to the Wangaratta Clay Target Club on Saturday the 20th of April. They were on target from the first shot and won their respective grades in the medley event. Dad Darryn got better as the day progressed, taking out the handicap event and the overall High Gun award.


Event one was the 60 Target Medley, with 20 targets each of single barrel, double barrel and point score.


Kerang Clay Target Club’s Les Comensoli spends a lot of time on the road, travelling to all corners of the map for clay target competitions. He showed his versatility by taking AA Grade and the overall win in the Medley with 102/110 after a shoot-off. Second in AA went to regular visitor Mick Rowan on 91/100. 


In A Grade, the competition was close, with Chris Climas coming out on top by only one target, 86/100 to Melbourne visitor Malcolm Carr on 85/100.


B Grade was the Rafferty family’s first of many stints in the spotlight, with Darryn victorious on 99/110 from 2nd placed local Bob Foster on 88/100. Rafferty’s excellent performance had put him in the shoot-off with Les Comsensoli for the Medley overall prize. 


Young Kynan Rafferty wasn’t going to let his dad take all the glory. He won C Grade with 83/100 from Matt Motha on 76/100.


Event two was the 20 Target Handicap, with the backmarkers shooting off 23 metres. The victory went to that man again, Darryn Rafferty, on 22/22 after a shoot-off for 1st and 2nd place with St James stalwart Peter Gorrie, who finished on 21/22. Third place was settled only after a tense four man shoot-off between Chis Climas, Mitch Parker, Peter Sunderland, & Gordon Twamley, Sunderland taking the spot with 36/38.


High Gun winners were Darryn Rafferty Overall, Colin Repacholi in Veterans  and Kynan Rafferty in Juniors.


Sunday 14 April - Sporting Clays Competition

Matt Motha, Jack Hemmering, Shaun McGauran, Brett Jory, Andrew Dundas, Noah McGauran, Angela Kloppenborg, Rhys McGauran.

Jory Supreme at Sporting Clays


Competitors at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club’s 14th of April Sporting Clays competition were treated to a surprisingly hot autumn day. Wind gusts later in the day added an extra challenge to event and kept shooters on their toes.


As usual, the hard-working team of Anton & Jacob Motha, Graham Coyle, Col Crittenden and Trevor Bussell were at the ground early to set up the traps. Well-known local Field & Game shooter Brett Jory arrived early too, to lend his experience to the layout.


In AA Grade, Brett Jory made use of that aforementioned experience to take the win with 93/100. Second went to Rhys McGauran on 88/100. Rhys is the newly crowned the 2019 Victorian Compak Champion, having defeated a high quality field of shooters at the recent state titles in Daylesford.


Mansfield shooter Andrew Dundas won A Grade with 82/100, just one target clear of 2nd placed local, Shaun McGauran on 81/100.  


B Grade was also decided by just one target, with Alex Mikolajewicz the victor on 80/100 from Bruce Duncan on 79/100.


Wodonga Field & Game member Jack Hemmering won C Grade on 67/100 with keen youngster Matthew Motha not far behind on 65/100.


High Guns on the day were, Overall, Brett Jory 93/100, Veterans, Alex Mikolajeicz 80/100, Ladies, Angela Kloppenborg 66/100 and Juniors, Rhys McGauran 88/100. Noah McGauran received the Junior Encouragement Award.



A good day of shooting was complemented by the assortment of great food in the canteen. The clubhouse kitchen has recently been replaced, thanks to a State Government grant, but the plumbing and stove are yet to be installed. Anita Klima & Joelle Everingham did an excellent job with portable appliances and bottled water. Their egg and bacon rolls deserved at least 3 Michelin stars.

Saturday 16 March - Down the Line Competition

Matthew Motha, Bob Foster, Jacob Motha, a very tall John Wojcik, Geoff McClure, Carson Weingott & his proud grandad David Luelf

Variety the Name of the Game in Wangaratta


The Wangaratta Clay Target Club’s Down the Line competition on Saturday the 16th of March coincided with Duck Opening, so entry numbers were down. Nevertheless, the 75 Target Medley format, consisting of 25 targets each of Single Barrel, Double Barrel and Point Score, provided variety and kept shooters on their toes. Some technical hiccups early in the day delayed proceedings, but once underway, good scores were achieved and competition was tight.   


Jacob Motha took a break from his university studies to take out AA Grade and overall with 117/125. It was great to see John Wojcik at the event and he took a well-deserved 2nd in AA Grade with 111/125. 


In A Grade, things were particularly close, with only one point separating the placegetters. Alexandra veteran Geoff McClure took the win with 116/125 from Mansfield regular David Luelf on 115/125.


Bob Foster took B Grade with 95/125, continuing his long run of successes at his home club.   


Juniors dominated in C Grade with Matt Motha’s excellent Point Score round ensuring him the victory on 97/125. Impressive Mansfield youngster, and grandson of A Grader David Luelf, Carson Weingott was 2nd with 92/125.


High Gun winners were Jacob Motha Overall, Geoff McClure in Veterans and Matthew Motha in Juniors. 

Sunday 10 March - Sporting Clays Competition

Left to Right: Graham Coker, Marty Seymour, Noah McGauran, Rodney Green, Vic Bowman,

Gareth Dobinson, Paul Weygood, Peter Sunderland, Matthew Motha.

Special Pre-Duck Season Event  


The Wangaratta Clay Target Club’s Sporting Clays competition on Sunday the 10th of March was held under darkening skies with rain falling later in the day. It was good weather for ducks and, coincidently, that was the theme of the club’s special Pre-Duck Season Shoot. The event was Sponsored by Aussie Disposals and members of their staff were on hand at the club with a range of hunting and outdoor products that sold well throughout the day.


Club secretary Linda Motha had cleverly found recordings of duck sounds on the internet and played them over the PA during the event. That certainly entertained the humans, but a couple of dogs present didn’t seem to understand that the ducks weren’t real and were scanning the sky looking for them. 


Cobram F&G shooter Marty Seymour hit 92/100 to take AA Grade and the overall win. Local Brett Jory was 2nd on 87/100.


A Grade was close with only two targets separating Graham Coker in 1st with 81/100 from the host club’s Terry Pigram 2nd on 79/100.


B Grade saw another Cobram F&G club member on top with Paul Weygood taking the prize on 73/100 from Corowa’s Rodney Green on 70/100.


C Grade was won by Peter Sunderland with 69/100 from yet another Cobram F&G shooter, Gareth Dobinson on 64/100. The water up there on the Murray is obviously good for the eyesight.


High Guns on the day were, Overall, Marty Seymour 92/100, Veterans, Vic Bowman 76/100 and Juniors, Noah McGauran 75/100. Matt Motha’s 56/100 won him the Sub-Juniors Encouragement Award. 


Hard working club members Anton Motha, Jacob Motha, Col Crittenden & Graham Coyle were busy all day, monitoring the equipment and keeping the event on track. Aussie Disposals provided excellent prizes for the placegetters and the novelty theme of the day certainly added to the fun.


Saturday 16 February - Down the Line Competition

Back Row L to R:  Mitch Parker, Carl Comensoli, David Pearce, Darren Bull, Matt Motha,

Anton Motha, Keith Brown, Peter Sunderland, Jacob Motha. 

Front Row L to R:  Bob Foster, Graham Coyle, Tom Davey, Vicki McDonagh, Peter Gorrie, Roy Ellis.

Comensoli the High Gun at Down the Line Competition 


After the previous weekend’s huge crowd, it was a relatively quiet day at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club’s Down the Line competition on Saturday the 16th of February. The North East Zone championships were held in Bendigo on the same day, but the Wangaratta event still attracted an enthusiastic bunch of shooters.


Graham Browne, company ambassador for Laporte Traps, was recently in Australia from the UK and came to Wangaratta to instruct Anton & Jacob Motha and Col Crittenden on setting up the club’s impressive Laporte Twinlap trap. A lot of work has gone into ensuring that the club’s equipment is in the best possible trim.


Saturday’s competition kicked off with the 20 pair Double Rise, two targets being thrown at the same time. AA Grade & Overall was won by Jacob Motha with 34/40, a fair reward for the many hours he puts into his club. Second in AA went to David Pearce on 33/40. A Grade went to another hard working club volunteer in Graham Coyle. His 23/40 pipping 2nd placed Roy Ellis’ 22/40. B Grade saw Wagga Wagga’s Vicki McDonagh victorious on 26/40 from St James regular Peter Gorrie on 25/40. Tom Davey took C Grade with 29/40 from Mitch Parker on 28/40.   


Event two was the 20 target Double Barrel. In AA Grade & Overall, Cohuna’s Carl Comensoli prevailed in a shoot-off with Angelo Grassi, 33/33 to 32/33. A Grade went to the host club’s indefatigable president, Anton Motha with 19/20 from Yarrawonga veteran Roy Ellis on 18/20. B Grade also required a shoot-off, which saw Vicki McDonagh’s 26/26 beat local veteran Keith Brown’s 25/26. C Grade saw yet another shoot-off with Matt Motha taking the win with 22/22 from the Frankston club’s Darren Bull on 21/22. Matt’s victory made it a hat trick of grade wins for the Motha men.


The final event was the 20 target Point Score. AA Grade saw Carl Comensoli back in the winner’s circle on 55/60, with David Pearce 2nd on 53/60. A Grade & Overall went to Anton Motha with an impressive 57/60 from Roy Ellis on 53/60. Peter Gorrie came out on top of B Grade after a shoot-off with 54/63 to Bob Foster’s 51/63. In C Grade, Peter Sunderland used his 1955 vintage Beretta ASEL to take the win with 56/60. Tom Davey and Mitch Parker continued their friendly rivalry in a shoot-off for second, Tom prevailing with 62/72.   


High Gun winners were, Overall, Carl Comensoli 106/120 and Veterans, Roy Ellis 93/120. 


Sunday 10 February - Sporting Clays Competition

Left to Right Standing:  Hannah Wojtowyez, Phil Wojtowyez, Mark Irvine, Chris Thompson.

Sitting:  Graham Coker, Rhys McGauran, Allan Seccull.

Big Turnout for Sporting Clays Competition  


Twelve squads of shooters enjoyed perfect conditions at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club’s Sporting Clays competition on Sunday the 10th of February. The surprisingly large entry kept the club’s volunteers on their toes. Anton Motha, Col Crittenden, Graham Coyle & Jacob Motha were at the club bright and early to set up the traps and were kept busy all day refilling them with targets. Linda Motha and Ernie Williams were run off their feet maintaining the entries and results and Anita Klima had the canteen in overdrive keeping the crowd fed.


The mild weather made a pleasant change from the extreme heat of the past couple of events and it was great to see so many people sitting in the shade, watching their fellow competitors in action. Competition was tight throughout the day, with the winners in all grades decided by only one target.


Local shooter Brett Jory took AA Grade and the overall win. His 93/100 just edged out Chris Thompson, another local, on 92/100.


A Grade went to Alan Seccull with 83/100 from Mornington SCA shooter Peter Wilkie on 82/100.


In B Grade, a shoot-off was needed to sort out a three way tie between regular visitor Graham Coker, Trevor Jones and Phil Wojtowyez. When the dust cleared, it was Coker on top with 85/100 from Corowa’s Wojtowyez in 2nd on 84/100.  


As happened at the January competition, Field & Game shooters once again dominated the C Grade results. The Cobram club’s Mark Irvine took the win with 68/100 from Geelong’s Ron Duncan, who was unavailable for a shoot-off, also on 68/100.


Top scorers on the day were, Overall, Brett Jory 93/100, Veterans, Ron Purss 86/100 & Juniors, Rhys McGauran 90/100.


Hannah Wojtowyez received an encouragement award in recognition of her persistence and great effort throughout the day. It’s always good to welcome juniors to our club, especially females. The club is currently running introductory sessions for women and girls over 12 years of age. Participants must register for the sessions by completing an online form. To do so and to find out more details, visit Sport North East at: http://www.sportnortheast.com.au/shoot/


Saturday 19 January - Down the Line Competition

Standing L to R:  Peter Watkins, Greg Pinner, Mick Rowan, Peter Sunderland, Anton Motha, John Gray.

Sitting L to R:  Peter Gorrie, Matt Motha, Tom Davey, Barry Ellis.

Rowan & Pinner in Top Form at Down the Line Competition


Mick Rowan rarely leaves Wangaratta Clay Target Club empty handed and Sunday was no exception. He cleaned up in two of the day’s three events, with fellow NSW shooter Greg Pinner spoiling Mick’s chance of a hat trick by taking the third event. The day’s competition had originally been cancelled, due to damage from December’s storms. The generous loan of a state of the art Laporte trap by Bronzewing Australia allowed the shoot to be held.


Given the late notice of the shoot going ahead, low entry numbers might have been expected. However, there is great support for the Wangaratta club within the clay target community and it was encouraging to see six squads of shooters sign up.


Event 1 was the 25 Target Double Barrel. Seven possibles were shot, necessitating a shoot off to decide the placings. AA Grade went to Greg Pinner on 53/54 with local shooter Terry Pigram 2nd on 52/54. Mick Rowan took A Grade & Overall with 54/54 from the host club’s president Anton Motha on 23/25. B Grade was won by Peter Watkins on 34/35 from St James regular Peter Gorrie on 25/26. C Grade went to Peter Sunderland with 23/25 from Tom Davey on 22/25.


Handicap events give all shooters an equal opportunity to shine and the day’s 20 Target Handicap saw reliable junior Tom Davey rise to the occasion, going into a shoot off to decide the winner. Mick Rowan took that honour with 24/24 from Tom on 23/24. Third went to Greg Pinner on 42/42.


The final event was the 25 Target Single Barrel. Greg Pinner took AA Grade & the Overall win with his perfect 25/25 from John Gemmill on 23/25. John Gray was in the middle of a 1,000 kilometre round trip from his home in Tura Beach to pick up his new Perazzi High Tech from Grassi’s in Oxley. He made good use of his new gun to take A Grade with 31/31 from Mick Rowan on 33/35. Peter Watkins took his second B Grade win of the day with 23/25 from Ken Birt on 22/25. Barry Ellis used his very old Winchester 101 to take C Grade on 20/25 from ever-improving junior Matt Motha’s 19/27.


High Gun winners were, Overall, Greg Pinner with 69/70 and Veterans, John Gemmill on 65/70. 


It was a long day, but those present enjoyed relatively mild weather, sitting under the big trees with a cooling breeze. Even better, the club provided free lunch for the crowd, to make up for December’s cancelled Christmas shoot.


Sunday 13 January - Sporting Clays Competition

Left to Right:  Peter Sunderland, Clayton Dennis, Ben Kuschert, Chris Thompson, Brendan Parker & Graham Coker

Clayton Dennis Beats the Heat at Sporting Clays


The Wangaratta Clay Target Club has shown that it is made of sterner stuff by recovering sufficiently from December’s storms to stage its first competition of the year. The clubrooms and grounds were under water and much of the equipment destroyed. Barely a month later, the club has staged a very successful Five Stand Sporting Clays shoot, with competitors from as far afield as Geraldton in WA and St George in QLD.


Club vice-president Brian Reid has been up to his elbows in insurance reports, while President Anton Motha, son Jacob, Col Crittenden and Graham Coyle have toiled long and hard since the December storms, patching together sufficient equipment to get the club operational. Their work paid off, with six squads of shooters signing up for 2019’s first event.


An occasional breeze provided some relief from the blistering heat and baking skies, but the conditions were no obstacle for West Australian visitor and SCA member Clayton Dennis, whose excellent 87/100 gave him the overall win.


AA Grade went to Chris Thompson on 73/100, with fellow Field & Game shooter Andrew Dundas 2nd on 55/100.


Clayton Dennis’ Overall winning 87/100 also gave him A Grade, from yet another F&G shooter in Graham Coker on  81/100.


B Grade went to impressive junior shooter Ben Kuschert with 79/100 from local shooter Trevor Bussell on 75/100.


Brendan Parker made the trip down from Queensland worthwhile by taking C Grade with 76/100. A shoot off saw Peter Sunderland taking second place on 74/108 from Jordan Hanley. 


In spite of the heat, 42 degrees max, the day went off well and there was plenty of positive comment and encouragement from the visiting shooters. It was also great to see a good mix of organisations (ACTA, SCA F&G) represented in the results. 

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