1. All shooters and visitors are to report to the office upon arrival for an induction procedure relevant to risk of exposure to contaminants.
  2. Shooters must be paid up registered members of the Australian Clay Target Association (ACTA) and an ACTA Affiliated Club to participate in competitions and practice sessions (refer point 3).
  3. Non members of the ACTA and an ACTA affiliated club and non licensed participants must be signed in and supervised by an approved Wangaratta Clay Target Club Inc. member.  All non members of the ACTA are restricted to three practice sessions only and will then be required to join the club and the ACTA.
  4. All shooters / persons are not to enter areas as detailed in the induction leaflet.  Only inducted, authorized persons may enter or work in these areas.  All signage at grounds must be strictly adhered to.
  5. Eye and ear protection is strongly recommended when shooting, supervising and officiating at all times.  Appropriate footwear and clothing as per ACTA Shooting Rule 1.02 (o) is required.
  6. No shot sizes larger than size 6 is to be used on the grounds.  
  7. Shooters using reloads must ensure their loads are both legal and safe to use.  Reloads must conform to current ACTA rules. Powder charge in reloads must not exceed the manufacturers recommendations.  All loads, both factory and reloads may be checked for compliance by authorized Wangaratta Clay Target Club Inc. personnel.
  8. Firearm safety must be the number 1 priority for all shooters on Wangaratta Clay Target Club Inc. grounds at all times.
  9. It is the responsibility of all shooters and supervisors to be aware of all ACTA shooting rules and Victorian laws that apply to shooting at the Wangaratta Clay Target Club Inc.
  10. Wangaratta Clay Target Club Inc. committee members will act as range officers during practice and competition events.
  11. Any person committing an unsportsmanlike or unsafe act on the shooting ground shall be liable to suspension or disqualification.
  12. Firearms and ammunition must be properly stored as per Victorian law when not in use on the grounds (ie. not left unattended) and be securely locked in your vehicle and out of view.
  13. Wangaratta Clay Target Club Inc. requires all shooters and visitors to comply with all ground rules as listed.

By Order,  President – Wangaratta Clay Target Club Inc.


The Wangaratta Clay Target Club Inc. list of Ground Rules is a living document and is subject to amendments as required from time to time.  The document forms part of the O, H & S manual kept at the club rooms.

Wangaratta Clay Target Club inc.

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