DTL April 2016


Lovely autumn weather greeted shooters at Wangaratta Clay Target Clubs two ‘Down The Line’ championship events on April 16.  The club uses fluoro White Flyer targets exclusively for this discipline and coupled with first rate equipment and infrastructure, results in consistent targets for these events.  Our club is also proud of the high standard of food on offer in the canteen, keeping shooters and visitors well nourished during the day.

Gordon Twamley’s near perfect performance allowed him to take home two overall winner sashes.  Gordon won the popular 50 target medley event and A grade with a remarkable result of 99/100, placing Brian Harrison 2nd in this grade on 96/100.  AA grader Daryl Hunt shot another good result of 98/100 winning AA, ahead of veteran shooter Stan Collins 117/120.  Junior shooter Jacob Motha produced a tally of 93/100 winning B grade putting local hard working clubman Graham Coyle 2nd with 111/120.  Keen DTL lady shooter Jess Goodall gained the C grade sash with 98/120 ahead of Ian Cooksey 97/120.

The second championship event was a 50 target double barrel and again Gordon Twamley was the winner.  Gordon produced a clean score of 69/69 followed by Paul Kovacs 60/61 in A grade.  John Wocjik scored 68/69 taking the honors in AA grade and Bob Leita was in 2nd place with 55/56.  Graham Coyle won B grade with 48/50 and Michael Rowan was one target behind on 47/50.  In a reverse situation of the first event, Ian Cooksey received the sash in C grade with 46/50 and Jess Goodall winning 2nd place on 42/50.

The high guns were awarded to Daryl Hunt – overall, Stan Collins – Veteran, Jacob Motha – Junior.

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