DTL January 2016

DTL 16/01/2016


10 T SB E/O

12 Poss.


50 T SB CS

AA & OA, P. Grainger 50/50, A. Grassi 49/50. A, G. Walls 49/50, D. Clarke 48/52. B, H. Smith 54/57, L. McDonald 53/57. C, J. Sandral 41/50, R. Sandral 40/51.


50 T DB CS

AA & OA, D. Hunt 82/82, B. Murphy 81/82. A, J. Vardeniga 48/50, C. Figgins 48/50. B, H. Smith 68/69, R. Foster 51/52. C, R. Sandral 48/50, J. Sandral 47/50.



OA - P. Grainger 109/110, VET - R. Leita 105/110, JNR - L. McDonald 102/110.

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December 2018


Sunday 9th @ 10:30 am


Sporting Clays 

100 Tgt 5-Stand C/ship,

AA,A,B,C 1&2

ACTA, SSAA, SCA + Field & Game can enter this event. 

Christmas Shoot  Free Lunch 



Saturday 15th @ 11:00 am


Down the Line CANCELLED

The grounds are flooded and our equipment is under water.

Christmas Shoot  Cancelled, but Santa is still on schedule for the 25th.


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EFTPOS is now available for the payment of nomination fees at competitions. Practice days & the canteen will remain cash only.